Long Live The American Dream

by admin on August 28, 2014

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I think the worst part about starting your own business is all the so-called start-up money you need! It turns the American dream of being your own boss and having your own small business into the American nightmare. I see tons of small businesses everywhere I look and think “how did they do it?” And the biggest irony of all is the fact that before you can make money, you will have to spend money—lots of it. Then you open and cross your fingers that you start making a profit.

So let’s say you’ve already jumped through these hoops and you’re up and running, and now you want to expand. So you apply for a loan. Simple enough? Not quite. Getting a traditional bank loan, especially in these times, is next to impossible. What’s worse is once you apply for one, the banks want to know so much about your business and why you need the money. Some loans will specify what your money can and can’t be spent on (as if that’s any of their business). I mean, if you ask me, all they should really be interested in is whether or not you can pay back the loan and when.

That’s why Merchant Credit Advance is really the best way to go for small business owners. First of all, you can apply online at www.merchantcreditadvance.com or call them on the phone at 1-800-503-1146 and speak to an actual person. And no matter what you want the funds for, they can get them into your checking account quickly— about 2 weeks after applying. And cash amounts range from $5,000 to $1,000,000. The best part is that there is no specified time to pay back the loan! The professionals at Merchant Credit Advance set up an automatic retrieval system whereby you pay them back with a certain percentage of your Visa and MasterCard sales. So when you get paid, so do they. All of this is discussed up front, so there are no surprises. They’re here to help you. And if you don’t believe me, just give them a call or fill out an online application form and they’ll break it down for you.


Avoid the Stress of Monthly Loan Payments

by admin on July 17, 2014

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In dramatic contrast to the monthly payments that come with business loans from lending institutions; MCA does not require monthly payments. Additionally, there are no late charges, no fees, and no fixed time frame for collection.

All this is possible because with a cash advance from MCA, we tap into a resource that is readily available to most retail business or restaurant business merchants: future credit and debit card sales. Based on the amount of the cash advance, MCA agrees to purchase a set percent of our customers’ daily credit and debit card sales. This amount does not change based on their daily sales. Because we have confidence in our customers and their businesses, we tie our success to that of our customers.

To learn more about the products and services that MCA offers, visit:  http://www.merchantcashadvance.com/products-services.php


How MCA Can Help Protect Your Business Credit Rating

by admin on July 9, 2014

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Part of building a good credit rating includes taking out loans or other types of credit. Your business credit rating is not only going to be based on how much money you’ve borrowed and paid back, but on how much money has been paid back on time, late, or not at all.

If you’re a business owner, consider the importance of your credit rating. We all know that your business credit rating tells lenders how trustworthy you are when it comes to paying back past creditors. Should you ever need to use your business as collateral or take out a business loan (and who doesn’t?), your credit rating will be of utmost importance in determining whether you get a good rate, or whether you get the loan at all—especially in today’s uncertain economic climate.

Fortunately, protecting your credit score is as easy as choosing the right lender. At www.merchantcreditadvance.com, we give you all of the information up front so that you can make the best decision possible when it comes to choices that affect your credit. Since it’s important to take only the credit that you can afford, the experts at MerchantCreditAdvance are dedicated to providing you with an accurate idea of what types of credit are best suited for you and how they can help your business credit rating instead of hurting it.


Advertising Can Help Your Small Business Succeed!

by admin on July 3, 2014

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If you’re reading this, chances are you either have a small business or are in the process of starting one. Maybe you just opened a suburban candy store down the street, as my uncle did a decade ago. Like him, you’re probably looking to be a fixture in your community, make a modest profit, and be your own boss. Being the next big thing would be great, but realistically, a steady customer base is your ultimate goal. How should you go about attracting customers in your area? Customers who pay, rather than window shop. Customers who make frequent return visits. Customers who trust in you and your product! Here are some suggestions that you’ll want to consider:

1) Before you advertise in any medium consider your business and its industry.

2) Write down three concrete examples of how your product or service is different from those of your competitors, and why these differences make your product irresistible to the public. Notice I didn’t say ‘better,’ because just being better isn’t good enough if you want to truly succeed.

3) Focus on benefits — and play them up. If you’re the only store in the area that sells Belgian chocolate from an exclusive gourmet candy manufacturer in Brussels, then disclose those facts up front, and tell us why that matters.

4) Repetition and parsimony are the golden words in advertising. You’ve got to get to the point quickly, then run your ad several dozen times to make an impact. Advertising has a cumulative effect; it takes time to get results.

Unfortunately, my uncle never tapped into the remarkable power of advertising, believing it to be a luxury instead of a necessity, and his wonderful gourmet candy shop folded in less than a year. Had he done his research he would’ve found that getting money for his business would have been as easy as calling Merchant Cash Advance’s professional staff at 1-800-503-1146 or by filling out this quick online application form.

Even if you have bad credit or little to no collateral, the knowledgeable staff at Merchant Cash Advance will put its expertise to work for you. Once you’ve been approved for an agreed-upon amount , the funds are simply wired into your checking account within two weeks. And repayment is a breeze because it’s contingent upon your monthly credit card transactions. The more you earn, the faster you pay back your advance. That means that unlike banks there is no repayment schedule. Your money comes without strings—it’s yours! Use if for whatever you want.

So with that said, give ‘em a shot. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Times are Tough–Getting Tougher

by admin on June 25, 2014

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Unless you’re stranded on a desolate island somewhere in the South Pacific, you are all too aware that the financial situation of the United States, as well as countries around the world, continue to stumble and falter. Amid a deepening global recession, we face a prolonged housing slump, tightly pinched credit markets, and rising unemployment.

Sort of seems like a no-brainer that you may have difficulties obtaining any financing at all for your small business, right? Well, not exactly. Merchant Cash Advance can bridge the financing gap you’re experiencing.

You can qualify to receive a merchant cash advance based on your business’s credit card transactions. In this process we pre-purchase a specified amount of your future credit card sales. Don’t worry. We know that your sales may have declined as consumers cut back their spending, but it doesn’t matter. You can still qualify for a loan.

Now you can make some improvements to your restaurant, paint your boutique, or purchase new printing equipment.

What you choose to do with the money is your prerogative. Please visit us at Merchant Cash Advance online to learn more about this helpful financial service.


What Will You Do with Your Merchant Cash Advance?

by admin on June 19, 2014

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Let’s say you’re a small business owner and have been thinking about getting a loan. You’ve tried all the traditional means like your local bank, increased lines of credit, etc., but nothing is going the way you’ve planned.

Well, you’ve stumbled upon something that can truly help you and your business get the funds it needs. Merchant Cash Advance has formed a business capital system through which you, as a business owner, are able to receive a merchant cash advance based on your business’s credit card transactions. In this process we pre-purchase a specified amount of your future credit card sales.

We provide venture capital for small and mid-sized businesses who find it difficult to get business loans, or venture capital from banks or leasing companies.

So are you intrigued about what you could do with this money? Here are some suggestions:

Fixed Costs
You may use your business capital from Merchant Cash Advance for things as simple as your building’s rent, the utilities and storage costs associated with running your business, and even phone and Internet service.

Another use for your working capital from MCA is the business liability and licensing that go along with owning and operating a business.

Business Equipment
Another cost associated with running a successful business is acquiring and maintaining the necessary equipment. Your additional funding from Merchant Cash Advance may be used for equipment leasing or purchasing, which may include business furniture such as desks, phones, computers, computer software, cash registers, credit card terminals, delivery vehicles, maintenance, fuel, and more!

Regardless of whether you pay the taxes for your business on quarterly or yearly basis, the cost can become a burden that can sometimes catch small business owners off guard. Fortunately, this is just another way that you may use your working capital from Merchant Cash Advance. Uses may also include payroll taxes.

Employee Costs
Even for businesses with a smaller staff, the costs associated with having and maintaining employees can add up. Feel free to use your MCA cash advance for training purposes, employee wages, employee benefits/insurance, and incentives or awards for your staff.

Whether you are looking to purchase more product, or to introduce new product to your business, your additional funding from MCA can go to cover products including the costs associated with packaging and shipping the product.

Perhaps your business is ready to expand and grow. We can help with the costs of a new building, additions onto your building, adding more sites for your business, new equipment, business furniture, and more!

Marketing Purposes
Sometimes all a growing business needs to make it successful is a good marketing strategy. We can help with the costs of promotions, signage, websites, advertisements, and any costs associated with marketing your company!


‘Tis Always the Season…to Be Seasonal

by admin on June 11, 2014

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This week I’m enjoying the holidays on the relaxing shores of the Gulf of Mexico. All I have to keep me company is: the sun’s delightful warmth, miles of soft white sand in every direction…and my laptop (of course!). It’s not a bad way to spend the latter half of December, wouldn’t you say? Ten years ago when I attended graduate school here in Tampa Bay, I took all this delightful weather for granted, and resented the “snowbird” tourists from the upper Midwest and Canada. I mean, they had some nerve invading my quiet southern town, adding to the congestion, and making me even later for class than I already was!

I really should have thanked them though. A report by the Tampa Bay Convention & Visitors Bureau reports that the estimated 18,000,000 winter tourists that came to town in 2005 alone spent over $3 billion, and were responsible for employing 46,000 people.

That got me thinking about the advantages of running a seasonal business. Imagine owning a charming hotel or seaside grill during the busy tourist season. You’d work maybe six months of the year, and then you could close down for months at a time during the off-season and just enjoy life with all the cash you earned. Perhaps you want to improve your small business, and take that long vacation to renovate or expand your proprietorship, thus allowing you to emerge even bigger and better than ever for your valued customers!

Unfortunately, during these troubled economic times, taking out a bank loan seems to be next to impossible. And even if they approve you, there’s still have a fixed time period in which to pay it back. While you’re sure that repayment won’t be a problem during the busy season, it could create quite a hardship over long breaks when your business generates little to no revenue.

Enter Merchant Credit Advance.

Go ahead, check them out! You’ll find answers to most of your questions online by going to www.merchantcreditadvance.com, or you can speak with a friendly, knowledgeable consultant at 1-800-503-1146. (Yes, the call is free, and yes, you will speak to a person!)

Apply online by clicking here.

You can request anywhere from $5,000 to $1,000,000 in business capital, and get that cash in a matter of days! We don’t require any personal collateral up front, either. We’ll simply grant you an advance based on your future Visa and MasterCard sales. This type of system is advantageous to typical bank loans because the more you make, the quicker you’ll actually pay off your advance. And conversely when cash is at a premium during the slow seasons, you’ll pay less, because you’re earning less.

Feel free to leave your comments about your experiences as a seasonal business owner, or about how Merchant Credit Advance helped you out. Have a wonderful holiday and New Year. (I’m going to get back to some more winter sun worship!)


The Credit Crisis and Its Effect on Merchant Cash Advances

by admin on June 11, 2014

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The current credit crisis is seemingly in full swing with more and more problems occurring everyday in “credit land.” Several positives and negatives are likely to come of the credit crunch as financial institutions continue to falter.

Everyone’s talking about how difficult it is for the small business to get a loan or other funding from a bank. It’s practically tradition for small- and medium-sized businesses to be given a hard time when requesting loan services from traditional financial institutions, but it’s especially tough for restaurants and retail establishments. Imagine trying to get a loan now. Banks don’t want to loan to anyone, much less businesses with less guarantee, so to speak. Seems like everyday new mergers are mentioned leaving less bank options for these small businesses to go to for help.

This has created an incredible need for merchant cash advances, because it’s the perfect alternative to traditional lending and is perfect for small businesses needing a little extra cash.

The merchant cash advance will emerge stronger than before the credit crisis. For those small- and mid-size businesses who’ve been turned away by other lending sources, either recently or farther back in the past, consider applying for a merchant cash advance. It’s the perfect way to get that extra money you need to improve your business—and we don’t discriminate against the little guys!


Need Start-Up Capital?

by admin on June 4, 2014

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Starting up a business is often much more difficult than people imagine. It requires a lot of time, dedication, and money. Typically, money is one of the biggest factors in determining whether a business will reach its full start-up potential, or if it fails to even get off the ground. Expenses add up, and before you know it, all that money you saved just for this purpose is already gone.

Business start-up capital, or the money that you have when you begin a business, is one of the most important things to think about before you embark on this often treacherous journey. It’s easy to imagine that you’ll just use some savings to pay for the office space (wow, rent’s expensive, too), stock it with the supplies that you need, hire a couple employees, and simply begin to make money. Unfortunately, businesses don’t work that way, which is why business start-up capital ends up being very critical to you. Without the right business start-up capital you’ll find you’re out of luck.

This is where a merchant cash advance can really come in handy.

Find a good lender, like MerchantCashAdvance, who can help you out. At www.merchantcashadvance.com, you can get information about the various types of business start-up capital that are offered, and you can work with your lender towards making the best decision for your needs. This will help you make the best decision regarding which type of loan you’d like and how long it will take you to get the cash.

Check us out and see what you think. It’s very likely you’ll realize that a merchant cash advance is perfect for your start-up needs and that we’re the company to help!


Merchant Cash Advances and How They Can Help Businesswomen

by admin on April 9, 2014

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Small business loans are often difficult to obtain for many aspiring female entrepreneurs. Many potential business owners, especially women, have marched into a bank with a dream, a stellar business plan, and the notion that no bank would turn down such a fantastic business venture, only to leave the bank disappointed, searching for other avenues of credit.

Even established female-owned businesses often have difficulty obtaining expansion loans and lines of credit. Women frequently encounter more hurdles than men do when applying for a small business loan. Small business loans for women are often denied by traditional lenders based on a number of factors that more frequently apply to female business owners.

The absence of a solid credit and employment history can derail small business loans for women. Many women who have spent years raising children and working as homemakers have not had opportunities to establish personal credit histories. Frequently, the credit cards and payment histories are in the husband’s name. Women are also often unable to show a long-standing and reliable work history. Despite these facts, however, many women have been successfully running small businesses for years and managing their household finances, even where traditional banks just see zero credit and a spotty work history.

Another alternative source of funding is borrowing against future credit card transactions. An established, female small business owner can often qualify for a cash advance secured by future credit card receivables. This funding is typically available to a small business owner who can demonstrate monthly credit card processing amounts of at least $3,000 to $5,000 over a period of 12 months.

Merchant Cash Advance is here to help women entrepreneurs succeed in building their dream businesses.