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Advertising Can Help Your Small Business Succeed!

by admin on July 3, 2014

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If you’re reading this, chances are you either have a small business or are in the process of starting one. Maybe you just opened a suburban candy store down the street, as my uncle did a decade ago. Like him, you’re probably looking to be a fixture in your community, make a modest profit, and be your own boss. Being the next big thing would be great, but realistically, a steady customer base is your ultimate goal. How should you go about attracting customers in your area? Customers who pay, rather than window shop. Customers who make frequent return visits. Customers who trust in you and your product! Here are some suggestions that you’ll want to consider:

1) Before you advertise in any medium consider your business and its industry.

2) Write down three concrete examples of how your product or service is different from those of your competitors, and why these differences make your product irresistible to the public. Notice I didn’t say ‘better,’ because just being better isn’t good enough if you want to truly succeed.

3) Focus on benefits — and play them up. If you’re the only store in the area that sells Belgian chocolate from an exclusive gourmet candy manufacturer in Brussels, then disclose those facts up front, and tell us why that matters.

4) Repetition and parsimony are the golden words in advertising. You’ve got to get to the point quickly, then run your ad several dozen times to make an impact. Advertising has a cumulative effect; it takes time to get results.

Unfortunately, my uncle never tapped into the remarkable power of advertising, believing it to be a luxury instead of a necessity, and his wonderful gourmet candy shop folded in less than a year. Had he done his research he would’ve found that getting money for his business would have been as easy as calling Merchant Cash Advance’s professional staff at 1-800-503-1146 or by filling out this quick online application form.

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So with that said, give ‘em a shot. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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