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What Will You Do with Your Merchant Cash Advance?

by admin on June 19, 2014

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Let’s say you’re a small business owner and have been thinking about getting a loan. You’ve tried all the traditional means like your local bank, increased lines of credit, etc., but nothing is going the way you’ve planned.

Well, you’ve stumbled upon something that can truly help you and your business get the funds it needs. Merchant Cash Advance has formed a business capital system through which you, as a business owner, are able to receive a merchant cash advance based on your business’s credit card transactions. In this process we pre-purchase a specified amount of your future credit card sales.

We provide venture capital for small and mid-sized businesses who find it difficult to get business loans, or venture capital from banks or leasing companies.

So are you intrigued about what you could do with this money? Here are some suggestions:

Fixed Costs
You may use your business capital from Merchant Cash Advance for things as simple as your building’s rent, the utilities and storage costs associated with running your business, and even phone and Internet service.

Another use for your working capital from MCA is the business liability and licensing that go along with owning and operating a business.

Business Equipment
Another cost associated with running a successful business is acquiring and maintaining the necessary equipment. Your additional funding from Merchant Cash Advance may be used for equipment leasing or purchasing, which may include business furniture such as desks, phones, computers, computer software, cash registers, credit card terminals, delivery vehicles, maintenance, fuel, and more!

Regardless of whether you pay the taxes for your business on quarterly or yearly basis, the cost can become a burden that can sometimes catch small business owners off guard. Fortunately, this is just another way that you may use your working capital from Merchant Cash Advance. Uses may also include payroll taxes.

Employee Costs
Even for businesses with a smaller staff, the costs associated with having and maintaining employees can add up. Feel free to use your MCA cash advance for training purposes, employee wages, employee benefits/insurance, and incentives or awards for your staff.

Whether you are looking to purchase more product, or to introduce new product to your business, your additional funding from MCA can go to cover products including the costs associated with packaging and shipping the product.

Perhaps your business is ready to expand and grow. We can help with the costs of a new building, additions onto your building, adding more sites for your business, new equipment, business furniture, and more!

Marketing Purposes
Sometimes all a growing business needs to make it successful is a good marketing strategy. We can help with the costs of promotions, signage, websites, advertisements, and any costs associated with marketing your company!

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