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‘Tis Always the Season…to Be Seasonal

by admin on June 11, 2014

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This week I’m enjoying the holidays on the relaxing shores of the Gulf of Mexico. All I have to keep me company is: the sun’s delightful warmth, miles of soft white sand in every direction…and my laptop (of course!). It’s not a bad way to spend the latter half of December, wouldn’t you say? Ten years ago when I attended graduate school here in Tampa Bay, I took all this delightful weather for granted, and resented the “snowbird” tourists from the upper Midwest and Canada. I mean, they had some nerve invading my quiet southern town, adding to the congestion, and making me even later for class than I already was!

I really should have thanked them though. A report by the Tampa Bay Convention & Visitors Bureau reports that the estimated 18,000,000 winter tourists that came to town in 2005 alone spent over $3 billion, and were responsible for employing 46,000 people.

That got me thinking about the advantages of running a seasonal business. Imagine owning a charming hotel or seaside grill during the busy tourist season. You’d work maybe six months of the year, and then you could close down for months at a time during the off-season and just enjoy life with all the cash you earned. Perhaps you want to improve your small business, and take that long vacation to renovate or expand your proprietorship, thus allowing you to emerge even bigger and better than ever for your valued customers!

Unfortunately, during these troubled economic times, taking out a bank loan seems to be next to impossible. And even if they approve you, there’s still have a fixed time period in which to pay it back. While you’re sure that repayment won’t be a problem during the busy season, it could create quite a hardship over long breaks when your business generates little to no revenue.

Enter Merchant Credit Advance.

Go ahead, check them out! You’ll find answers to most of your questions online by going to, or you can speak with a friendly, knowledgeable consultant at 1-800-503-1146. (Yes, the call is free, and yes, you will speak to a person!)

Apply online by clicking here.

You can request anywhere from $5,000 to $1,000,000 in business capital, and get that cash in a matter of days! We don’t require any personal collateral up front, either. We’ll simply grant you an advance based on your future Visa and MasterCard sales. This type of system is advantageous to typical bank loans because the more you make, the quicker you’ll actually pay off your advance. And conversely when cash is at a premium during the slow seasons, you’ll pay less, because you’re earning less.

Feel free to leave your comments about your experiences as a seasonal business owner, or about how Merchant Credit Advance helped you out. Have a wonderful holiday and New Year. (I’m going to get back to some more winter sun worship!)

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